Lorraine is a true specialist. We got all our questions answered all while being done in a timely manner. We got our shop up and running in no time. Highly recommend this service to anyone.
   Oakland Sustainable Traditions
   Oakland, Ca

I was referred to EZ documents and was impressed with the professionalism and execution. I highly recommend this service. Thanks again Lorraine!
   Golden Remedy
   San Jose, CA

Nothing but good things to say about EZ Document Preparation. First and foremost, EXCELLENT documents (from a legal standpoint), reviewed and UNCHANGED by my attorney. Any questions I had were answered promptly and in clear, non-leagaleze language anyone could understand. Lorraine has a thorough understanding of the unique technical legal issues involved in our industry. I used EZ to start our business in California, and will certainly utilize their service in Arizona and other states where we will have a presence. They are who they say they are. They do what they say they will do. This kind of competence and reliability is difficult to find these days at any price. I'll keep using EZ Document Preparation. They are truly a valuable asset. 
~Rick Z.
  Cali Shatter
  Fresno, Ca 

I'm so happy we found Lorraine, this process was so easy, she was very knowledgeable about the questions I had for her. I would definitely recommend her to anyone I know who is also looking into starting their own business. Thanks so much.
~Louie Y.
  Calm and Collective
   Sacramento, Ca

I just want to thank EZ Document Preparation for all there support and help with my preparation paperwork. I would highly recommend them to anyone. They are very professional and have alot of knowledge in what they do... GREAT JOB GUYS... 
~Marcelino J.
  Gemini Merdicinals
​  Grass Valley, Ca

Great office! Can only recommend! Super nice, quick, direct, official! The one and only!
~Daniel A.
  East Bay Holistics
  Oakland, Ca

I'm leaving this review for EZ Document Prep.  The service I received was fantastic and Lorraine was easy to work with and excellent communication.  Everything was submitted/updated with the state correctly. I would highly recommend her.
  Davis & Bowen
  Compton, Ca

I had EZ Docs form my NPO they did it in such a fast & professional that I have recommended them to many of my associates & friends. They are by far the fastest & lowest priced document prep for forming an NPO online I have researched many of the same types of businesses and EZdocs is by far the best. Any questions or other services are performed or answered fast there is no wait.
~Joseph S.
  420 Express
  San Jose, Ca

This company is truly so helpful. Everything on their website is easy to follow and every question I had was answered fully. Amazing Customer Service! 
~Veronica E.
  West Coast's Finest Collective
  Madera, Ca

The service provided from Lorraine has been superb.  We truly appreciate all she's done for us.
~Kelechi  O.
  Greenleaf Organic Therapies
  Pomona, Ca

My experience with this company has been so great. All my paper work is legal.
~Tamika F.
  Green Cross Collective Dlvy
  LA, Ca

Great service. Never had any issues or concern with the company. Professional work ethic. Very helpful.
~Jesse V.
  The Green Baron
  Fresno, Ca

EZ document preparation was very fast and suffient. Very professional and trust worthy I've referred many people and they all have been satisfied with the business.
~Dorian D.
  Cali's Finest Greens
  Milpitas, Ca

I was extremely happy with the services provided by Lorraine at EZ Document Preparation. She made this entire process pain free. Not only was I extremely impressed, but also all parties in which I have had to present my paperwork to were highly impressed with her document preparation as well. 
~Olivia M.
  American Caregivers Collective
  Bakersfield, Ca

We have used EZ and would use them again. Excellent service and very friendly.
~Don B.
  Cali Green Thumb
  Thermal, Ca  

EZ Document Preparationi is the best in the business. The communication is on point and the process is fast and easy. I am recommending them all my friends who are starting up and don't know where to begin. Lorraine is very resourceful and easy to work with. She helped me and my husband start our business and we are thriving.
~Taylor C.
  American Heritage Holistic Care
  Roseville, Ca

Worked with Lorraine and she was so informative and professional. She made the process as easy as possible and took a lot of the stress of researching and getting a license away. I am a satisfied customer and would recommend EZ document preparation to anyone in need. Thanks again guys. 
~Monique V.
  Alternative Patient Care Center
  San Jose, Ca

I came across this website to get my paperwork for my delivery/dispensary, I must admit I was just a little skeptical at first. But I read reviews here and on yelp, even called too. Lorraine was so nice to answer any questions before I even purchased services. The next day I purchased the services!! I couldn't be any happier with how fast I received my paperwork and everything was in my name. Lorraine kept in contact with me every step of the way and it made the whole process super easy! Thanks so much!!!
   Mary Jane Collective
   Palmdale, Ca
We called many lawyer's office but couldn't get any help. So strange lawyer's just didn't answer phone calls. We wanted to get license before new years desperately and found this website. I told my husband what if they just took our money and didn't answer but Lorraine answered out questions very carefully and everything was very quick. It was very helpful really. We are very happy with this company's service.
 ~Jioyung K.
   Cali Green Cross Organics
   San Francisco, CA

I came across their ad online and was skeptical at first. Boy was i wrong the service here is top notch . Whether i call , text or email their response is quick , professional and on point. I have already used their services on two more occasions and referred them to everyone who is seeking documentation preparation.
 ~Paul G.
   Green Life Therapies
   Riverside, Ca

Man, I have only been in state a few months and this service has helped me more then anyone will know. I went from no business to official in 3 to 4 weeks flat. The price was fantastic for the service, honestly. Everything went smooth and they walked me through it step by step for any questions that I had. My only suggestion to anyone is hurry and hire these people before they raise their rates due to high achievement rating and phenomenal service. This is the way to go!! P.S they are not scammers, just kind people looking to make an honest dollar, at great prices. Thanks so much!
   A-1 Collective
   Arcata, CA
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